2019 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup

January 31, BULLETIN 1

Dear Bowlers, 

The 10th Anniversary Tour 'QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup' will take place in France (September 18-28) with a new format 'race for the title'. This events 'made for TV' is a very good TV exposure and a dynamic promotion for our sport which offers total prize fund of 23,200 Euros (60 bowlers Total), with will be divided equally between women and men. First prize is 4,000 Euros (each division). The maximum that a player can win is 4,650 Euros (each division) with titles in singles, doubles and Teams + the first TV 300 bonus. This tournament is open to the first 30 bowlers in each division (women's & men's series). All players will compete in teams, singles, doubles, and for the 'race for the title'. This year you will bowl 12 games during the stage 1 (Fontaine le Comte) in order to form teams (doubles and Team of 5) for stages n° 1-2-3-4.

Rules Race for the title rules: After 12 games (Fontaine le comte) and 6 games (Dinan Singles competition) = 18 games, the TOP 10 in each division will bowl 6 additional games. After this 24 games TOP 4 will play the TV Finals: TV Match 1 Athletes n° 4-3-2 (one game). TV Match 2 Athletes position 1 & 2 after match 1. TV Match 3 Winner match 2 VS Player n°1 after 24 games.

Bowling Promotion Association has signed agreements with 5 TV stations to air the event, 'Réseau VIA' with Le Mans TV, Angers TV, TV Nantes, TV Rennes and Demain TV. Concerning hotels and minibus service we will send you all details before the end of this month. We have discount prize and if you wish it's possible to share the room with another player. If you are interested to bowl this unique bowling tournament thanks to scan, print, sign and return by email your bowler agreement at the following email address: bowlingpromotion@gmail.com

If you have question don't hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards - Tournament Director Bruno BIDONE

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April 15, BULLETIN 2

Dear Bowlers,





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